6 Non Technical Jobs In Tech Industry You Should Look Into

Non Technical Jobs In Tech Industry

Here are some non technical jobs in tech industry you should look into:

There’s no denying that technology is one of today’s most exciting and secure job fields, making now the perfect time to get into it. The only problem is that not everyone can learn rigorous programming languages. When you aren’t well-versed in these languages, making your way into technology can seem like a big no-no.

But don’t be fooled. You don’t have to be a tech guru to assume a role in the field. The tech industry needs people of all skill sets, meaning if your professional strength lies in management, creativity, sales, or anything else, there are countless non technical jobs in tech industry that await you.

Six Non Technical Jobs In Tech Industry

This article will go over some of the best jobs in tech that don’t require a technical degree. You can effortlessly apply to these positions, get into the industry, and build a successful career. So, here they are:

1. Product Marketer 

This has to be one of the best non technical jobs in tech industry because product marketing is an essential component within any tech company.

So, what is product marketing? The practice of releasing a product to the market, creating marketing plans for it, and finding tactics to sell it to consumers all fall under the purview of product marketing.

A product manager concentrates on the tactical methods through which products are embraced and become relevant to current customers. They must also comprehend the buying process to design marketing initiatives that appeal to prospective customers.

2. Brand Specialist 

Branding is essential, especially in the technological sector. So, if you have the skill for it, this can be one of the best non technical jobs in the tech industry for you.

A company needs branding to make an impression and attract people. The branding process involves establishing a trademark or design instantly recognizable and exclusive to the company. It merely entails aggressively constructing your brand. It converts consumers from one-time buyers to ardent patrons and apathetic observers into brand enthusiasts.

3. Content Manager 

Content management comprises posting blog posts and collaborating with designers to create other forms of content.

The marketing messages for a product are spread across various media platforms thanks to content managers. Furthermore, the job of a content manager is one of the most fantastic non technical jobs in tech industry, as these professionals are responsible for creating campaign ideas that would aid in raising awareness for the product.

4. Social Media Strategist 

Do you understand the motivations behind shares, likes, and subscriptions? Becoming a social media strategist involves more than just developing content and growing a following.

This is one of the non technical jobs in tech industry that will have you planning campaigns and reporting metrics to gauge success and make necessary adjustments. A typical day could involve various activities, including creating innovative campaign ideas, finding influencers or brand ambassadors, interacting with advertisers, coordinating with marketing professionals for details on new material, and much more. It’s a massive job, and the effect of social media marketing only makes it more prominent.

5. Manager of Human Resources 

This is one of the ultimate non technical jobs in tech industry. Human Resources are frequently in charge of recruiting, training, resolving workplace conflicts, and informing employees of any benefits or activities that can affect their workday. As an HR manager, you will probably be in charge of a particular HR area, such as hiring, training, benefits, or health and safety. From this point, you’ll manage each team member individually, guide strategy, and provide the Head of HR with regular reports on everything from budget to metrics to retention.

6. Management Consultant

A lot of genuinely interesting people work as consultants in tech companies. You visit organizations, offer recommendations and audit procedures, and provide training to resolve management challenges.

Management consultants are typically former corporate executives who seek to impart their knowledge to the next generation of enterprises after having experience working in big organizations. It’s not always a steady career because management consultants are frequently hired as freelancers or independent contractors. However, the day rates are very lucrative.

Based on your prior experience, this can be one of the most lucrative non technical jobs in tech industry if you can establish a clientele. Also, if you’ve made good or bad changes to a firm, word of mouth spreads quickly in this “who you know” market!


Which field is better: non-technical or technical?

The short answer is: both are equally great. However, the salaries of non-technical and technical people may vary as each has unique skill sets.

What are the best non-technical skills?

When securing the best non technical jobs in tech industry, candidates must have a few necessary skills, such as communication, decision-making, leadership, and management.

For non-techies, which technology is easy to learn?

Among all of them, Python is the programming language that is easiest to understand. It also offers various applications, including machine learning, web crawling, and data analysis.

Is it possible to work in technology without any experience?

Without prior experience, qualifying for and obtaining entry-level technical positions is possible.


So that concludes our list of non technical jobs in tech industry. As you can see, the tech industry isn’t fundamentally about programming, engineering, development, etc.; it also has other departments. If you have the knack for it, you can seamlessly open the doors of success for yourself. So, keep pursuing your desire for the benefits and pay of a tech firm, even if you aren’t capable of becoming a data scientist or a software engineer. After all, many outstanding positions at the hippest tech firms have nothing to do with writing code.


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