Three Tips on How to Start a Real Estate Photography Business

how to start a real estate photography business

How to Start a Real Estate Photography Business

In today’s digital era, most businesses operate online, and real estate is no exception. With changing times, many property portals have opened up that offer many housing/commercial options to potential renters/buyers in one convenient place.

With the audio-visual tools available today, people have become much more reliant on pictorial sales than descriptive ones. For example, a person looking to buy a sofa is much more likely to inquire on a posting with pictures of a green rexine sofa than a posting describing a gorgeous suede sofa set that is sans pictures.

Naturally, this shift in customer perspective has also changed how real estate is advertised. Professionals from the industry understand that the more appealing and picturesque the space will look, the better chance of it being sold/rented out.

Hence, the demand for real estate photographers came into existence. Over time, this field of photography has become highly lucrative and coveted. If you’re wondering how to start a real estate photography business, read through these tips to ensure you step into the market ready to compete as a seasoned player!


1. Tip 1: Learn the Staging Process

When photographing inanimate things, staging is critical – Staging is a process where an item is made to look more pleasing to the eye with other elements.

You cannot rely on the subject to give you vibrance and emotion with their poses and expressions. Instead, it would be best if you created the vibe you want through staging.

For instance, a picture of an empty white bookshelf may not catch your eye, but if the same bookshelf were filled with books, décor, and photo frames, you would find yourself pausing to examine the photo.

Staging is a highly effective way to sell inanimate objects. This is why furniture chains such as IKEA stores set their furniture like fully functional rooms. This allows the customer to see the potential of the item.

In real estate, staging is vital. Whether you’re capturing the interior or exterior of a house, the proper staging can help significantly improve its overall appeal. Therefore, if you’re not familiar with photographing things, you must learn the art of staging before starting a real estate photography business.


2. Tip 2: Develop your Skills and Build a Portfolio

Before learning how to start a real estate photography business, you must build a base for yourself, which begins with creating your portfolio. To do that, you must first learn about the lighting and angles required for real estate photography.

Lighting is a photographer’s most giant friend as well as foe. While good lighting can turn an unexceptional sight into a work of art, bad lighting can transform a beautiful space into a dull and unappealing picture. Similarly, angles are the right skillset of a photographer.

A few essentials you must keep in mind before making your real estate photography portfolio are:

  1. In the absence of natural light, you need artificial light. Therefore, you must invest in lighting equipment to capture great pictures, including ring lights and external flashes.
  2. A rule of thumb while capturing interiors is to use opt for low camera placement. This makes the space more realistic due to the image’s human-eye perspective.
  3. All vertical lines must be perfectly parallel in your photograph. Where this rule is broken, the entire image looks out of place. A great tool to ensure perfect symmetry is a Tilt-Shift Lens.

With these tips, you can take photographs of different properties and interiors to build your portfolio. One way to do this is to offer your services for free in exchange for the right to the photographs. This way, you will get your portfolio, while the other party will get free pictures!


3. Tip 3: Establish your Online Presence

The internet is the best space for budding businesses, especially artistic ones. As a photographer, you need to have an online presence. It is no longer word of mouth that gets people and customers. Instead, it is good reviews and an engaging online platform. Since your business is selling images, start with an Instagram page.

However, before you start to upload your images, make sure they are perfectly edited. As a professional photographer, you will need the right post-processing software, such as Adobe Camera Raw. Also, if you haven’t got a handle on editing real estate photographs, consider taking an online course on post-processing real estate pictures. Then, with time and effort, you can turn your photos into magazine-worthy shots!

Once you have your perfect photos set to go, start uploading them to your page and engaging with viewers/followers. With your Instagram page up and running, it is only a matter of time before customers start pouring in!


She frequently Asked Questions about starting a real estate photography business – FAQs.

Q1: What is the average annual income of a real estate photographer?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a real estate photographer in the USA is about $50,000. However, the amount varies from state to state and, based on experience, can go up a whopping $73,000 yearly!


Q2: How much time does it take to edit real estate photographs?

Editing real estate photographs is generally much faster and easier than other pictures. As such, a whole batch can be edited in a mere day or two.


Q3:What traditional marketing tools can I use to promote my real estate photography business?

All traditional marketing tools can be used for promoting real estate photography businesses. However, the most effective tools are business cards and flyers with direct links to your social media pages.


Q4. What is the best time for real estate photography?

If you’re shooting outdoors, most photographers prefer the late morning/early afternoon time due to the natural light. However, there is no set rule; your location and setting will help you determine the best time for your shoot.



So that’s our brief guide on how to start a real estate photography business. As an up-and-coming field of photography, now is the perfect time to get into real estate photography. With limited market saturation and high demand, it can be a rewarding career option!


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