How to start a courier business: Simple steps to follow

How to start a courier business

As online shopping and internet browsing becomes increasingly frequent, especially after the pandemic, the need for trusted and efficient courier companies becomes all the more important. As an entrepreneur choosing to start a courier business in this day and age will likely be a profitable venture. So, you might be wondering how to start a courier business and ensure it is successful.

Starting a business means you are your boss, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to do things your way, but that can also mean difficulty in giving your business structure. Here are some basic but crucial steps in learning how to start a courier business with the least hiccups on the way.

How to start a courier business: Important information

Types of courier services

You must know what type of courier services you want to provide. Consider the time you will need to deliver goods, your location, and your delivery capacity. Here are some services provided by courier companies that you ought to consider.

  • A local services company focuses on delivering goods to a particular city or a geographic area as they are specifically located there. This ensures that the deliveries are safe, fast, and reliable for locals.
  • A time-sensitive company promises a speedy and next-day delivery option to allow people the convenience to order and expect deliveries ASAP, especially for important documents, medicine, or any immediate service.
  • A worldwide transport service allows clients to ship their packages internationally. As a business owner, you will need to expand your business to provide such a service and contact air and sea travel businesses and customs for these deliveries. This service requires significant investment into your courier business.

How to start a courier business: Step 1

Choose your niche

When learning how to start a courier business choosing your niche should be at the forefront of your mind. Before you make a business plan or start looking for a business license or operating a social media page, you should be able to tell your clientele what your USP (unique selling point) is.

The types of courier services mentioned above can help you decide. Are you going to provide services within the city? If yes, how effective and safe are your deliveries? Can you vouch for your delivery personnel? When you choose your niche/specialty, establish realistic expectations according to your expertise, funding, and commitment level. Your goal with the business should be to guarantee satisfaction, and that becomes easier with a niche in mind.

How to start a courier business: Step 2

Develop a business plan

Once you have specified your niche, creating a comprehensive business plan will guide you for the first few months. You might not end up following the whole plan, but having a direction will always help you stay focused until operations become more stabilized.

Plus, a business plan will also greatly help when looking for investors. Ensure your plan is clear, focused, and provides all the necessary information an investor could need—for example, the executive summary, business description, market opportunities, competition analysis, etc.

How to start a courier business: Step 3

Look for reliable vehicles and supplies

A courier business cannot operate without reliable vehicles in its arsenal. Hence, this is the next step in learning how to start a courier business successfully! Once you have your business plan ready and investments aligned, it is time to procure supplies. Many courier companies use cargo vans for delivery services as that allows for maximum use of space. A cargo van also gives you room to ship larger orders; hence be open to providing that service to your clients.

There are reviews you can read to help you decide which cargo van to choose and which payment plan can work for you. You can consider a pickup truck if you’re gearing more towards shipping large items like furniture or bigger electronic gadgets. Buy reliable vehicles that will not break down after a few heavy deliveries and can take added burden in emergencies.

Choose the type of equipment relevant to you depending on the services you provide and the items you will be handling. Ensure your workers have a training session regarding equipment usage and handling the shipped items with utmost care.

How to start a courier business: Step 4

Insure your business

One of the key aspects to consider when you ask how to start a courier business is securing insurance for your venture. A courier company will deal with all kinds of cargo, from the most expensive to affordable items ready to be shipped. It is important to get insurance for your vehicle and cargo and consider liability insurance.

Having insurance adds to the reliability of your business. Many people prefer to use courier services that provide insurance. Furthermore, consider providing your driver’s and employees’ insurance for safety and a healthy work environment. You can contact a local commercial insurance broker to determine how much investment is needed to insure your business.

How to start a courier business: Step 5

Set your pricing and flat rates

After you’ve learned the basics of how to start a courier business, you need to start working on pricing for the services. Of course, these prices will account for a lot of your spending in the business, which means it will be more complicated than simple market competitive pricing.

You must consider your operating costs, insurance premiums, shipping, fuel, etc.

However, it is also a great practice to look at what the market is offering and adjust accordingly. If there are reasons for a higher quote on your services than the market showcases, you need to market your unique selling point to justify it.

Once you have decided on the definite pricing for your services, create a pricing list that can be readily available for your customers. Add bundles, discounts, and special offers to the price list.

How to start a courier business: Step 6


All businesses require a clear and focused marketing strategy. Knowing how to start a courier business isn’t enough. Customers will only learn about you through an effective marketing campaign to introduce your business. Start with word of mouth to your close friends and family. Then create your social media presence by running ads. Seek the help of a marketing agency to kick off your social media pages. Select your target audience. In the case of courier businesses, it can either be people looking to send items to and from places or businesses requiring long-term courier services. Optimize your pages through keywords to reach your target audience


How much money can you make in the courier business?

The amount varies from location to location. You’re likely to make more if you reside in a big urban city. On average, a courier company might make $36 per hour.

Do you require formal training to start a courier company?

Not, you do not. Even without any training or certificates, you can start your courier business.

What would be your working hours?

There are no fixed working hours. You can set your timings or work according to the client’s requirements. You are your boss!

To conclude

Starting a courier business isn’t as difficult as you might have thought. Following the steps mentioned above will give you a much-needed sense of direction to ensure a successful business launch.


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