How to Start a Blockchain Company – 5 Ways

How to start a blockchain company

Ever since cryptocurrency came into existence, every individual has developed an interest in trying their luck in digital currency. Although investing in cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon, some have even considered building a blockchain company for all the right reasons.

If you’re wondering how to start a blockchain company, remember that building such a company increases trust, allows transparency, and enables data traceability shared across a business network. Furthermore, it prevents organizations from cutting unnecessary costs during transactions.

Given these reasons, it is no surprise that entrepreneurs are moving towards setting up blockchain companies.

Over the years, commercial banks, credit cards, tech companies, and even the government are finding ways to upgrade their system.

Through innovative technology like blockchain, these sectors can lead the race by producing quicker results at a fraction of the cost or risk of getting left behind.

Besides, there are several other reasons entrepreneurs must consider building blockchain companies.

Blockchain startups allow networking with other entrepreneurs and executives just starting up. Networking and a wide range of services at one disposal lead to high financial outcomes.

A blockchain company allows room for innovation to explore niches that can grow exponentially. Though the internet aimed to facilitate communication, developers and entrepreneurs have shaped it into the backbone of our society today.

So, if you haven’t thought about building a blockchain company, start considering how to start a blockchain company. Check out the guide below to help you with the process.

A guide on How to Start a blockchain company

1. Manage Micro-issues first

Start by focusing on common problems and how blockchain might help resolve those problems. For example, micropayments are one of the issues for which blockchain is the perfect solution. But unfortunately, these types of payments are not economical. The primary reason is the transaction fee added exceeds the transaction’s total value.

Blockchain offers an efficient infrastructure for digital payment, preventing transactional hindrances. In addition to these issues, blockchain technology solves other real-world problems—for instance, blockchain stores data with complete transparency in the healthcare sector.

As an entrepreneur, don’t waste your time and resources to solve problems that don’t exist. Take it one step at a time. Ensure that blockchain technology can be utilized for all issues—failure to determine that will only lead to wasting valuable resources and efforts.

2. Explore Funding Options

For any business to establish a name in the market, adequate funding is mandatory. After all, how will your vision see the light of day when there aren’t funds to support it? Raising funds is a challenge despite the motivation to carry forth your idea. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from investing all your energy in exploring funding options to bring your dream to life.

A blockchain, in that regard, benefits entrepreneurs through initial coin offerings. It is a pathway for beginners to raise funds from individual investors. All you need to do is pitch your idea, set up a blockchain for a new token, and get seed capital to fund your project.

Another option for funding your blockchain startup is through blockchain incubators and accelerators. The benefit of considering such funding is that their primary focus is not on raising capital.

Incubators and accelerators help blockchain companies tackle the challenges faced within the industry. Besides that, they also open doors to networking opportunities that benefit your company’s growth.

3. Generate revenue from the start

Despite the common belief, you mustn’t wait to generate revenue until your business has established ground. Then, even with a few customers, you can start making the bucks. Begin by charging nominal fees to the platform users. Then, as the income begins rolling in, it will further help your project move forward.

Running a successful blockchain company is not only about the revenue; you must also attract as many customers as possible. As your company generates revenue, ask for feedback to improve your services and work on new ideas simultaneously. That way, the likelihood of your company’s success is high.

There are several other means by which your blockchain company can generate revenue. Providing solutions like software services to other businesses helps make more money. These services could include building cloud storage and data management software.

Another method is by signing contract agreements with other companies. The agreement is about blockchain companies designing and developing apps.

4. Specify your niche

Blockchain has revolutionized the different aspects of life, from transport to health and going as far as aiding the government. After thoroughly researching the sector likely to benefit you, choose that particular area of interest.

Narrowing down your niche helps build a loyal customer base. It ensures that a specific group of customers will avail of your exceptional services. Coming back to the point, let’s discuss how blockchain is changing the future and what services you must consider.

With blockchain technology, transport issues are gradually decreasing and are continuing to do so. For example, car owners can pay on the go for parking fees and highway tolls and receive car-sharing payments.

Blockchain technology is being thoroughly researched to facilitate different government functions. Some nations have already used it, with Estonia being the prime example.

Blockchain technology offers several benefits in the healthcare sector, from immediate claim processing to preventing counterfeit medication distribution. In addition, citizens use cryptographically secured digital ID cards to access various public services. After analyzing how each sector can benefit from blockchain, invest and make a profit.

5. Run Ads with Crypto

Promoting your company is the most challenging step in ‘How to Start a Blockchain Company. Marketing your business is just as complicated as running it.

If you are clueless about what your customers want, sending tons of newsletters and bombarding countless ads and coupons will get your business nowhere.

That said, it is critical that you first determine customer needs and work on developing marketing strategies. For blockchain companies, running ads with crypto efficiently helps target the right customers. In addition, with greater transparency and tracking, blockchain provides accurate user data.

Crypto ads allow blockchain companies to create marketing campaigns using banners and native ads. With crypto advertisements, companies can diversify their strategies to reach the right audience.


Contrary to common belief, diving into blockchain technology is easier today than a few years ago. The key to establishing a successful blockchain company is researching and following guidelines.

With the right strategies and mindset in place, setting up the most sought-after blockchain company is no challenge. Following the steps in the ‘How to Start a Blockchain Company’ guide, you can kick-start your blockchain business to reap profits.


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