How to sell Safemoon on Trust Wallet? An Easy Way To Exchange Crypto For USD

How to sell Safemoon on Trust Wallet

Want to learn how to sell safemoon on trust wallet and trade safely? We got your back!

Safemoon is a rising star in the crypto realm among the numerous cryptocurrencies, showing promise. It has been touted as a dark horse in the crypto race since its inception and has endless growth potential.

Make the most of Safemoon trading using a trusted crypto wallet like Trust Wallet. But there’s a little problem – you can’t directly trade Safemoon on trust wallet! But rest assured! There’s a tried-and-true workaround for this situation.


Safemoon – released in March of 2021 – operates just like Bitcoin or Ether. However, a slight twist distinguishes it from the crowd and helps it stand out. Safemoon promotes holding investments and rewards such behavior while discouraging selling.

Safemoon and Trust Wallet

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty details of how to sell safemoon on trust wallet, let’s first learn more about safemoon and trust wallet and how you can leverage it to your advantage to sail the rough waters of crypto.

Trust Wallet

To reap the benefits of crypto trading, you must take the appropriate measures to ensure your digital assets’ safety. One of the best ways to do so is by trading over a trusted crypto wallet like Trust Wallet.

Since you can’t directly trade safemoon in trust wallet, it may seem like a discouraging barrier. Still, a simple workaround allows you to exchange Safemoon for USD using your trust wallet app.

Below are the steps to help understand how to sell safemoon on trust wallet.

Step 1: Download the App for Trust Wallet

You first need to download the app on your phone to get trading on the trust wallet app. Your device ecosystem doesn’t matter much, as trust wallet is available for download for Android and iOS ecosystems on their respective app stores.

Step 2: Open the Safemoon wallet on Trust Wallet

Once you open the application after setting up the wallet, you can spot Safemoon and its address. Confirm how much Safemoon the wallet currently holds before continuing.

Step 3: Choose the Pancake Swap and buy Safemoon

Click on the label that reads “browser” on the main page. It’ll lead you to another window, and here you should choose the option that reads “Pancake Swap.”

You have a great deal of freedom to buy safemoon using various methods, but this is undoubtedly among the best. Scroll below to continue learning how to sell safemoon on trust wallet.

Step 4: Swap your safemoon holdings for BNB

To find Safemoon in the pancake swap section of the app, you need to search “safemoon” by choosing the BNB icon in the tab that reads “From” and typing your query. Now click on Safemoon to purchase your desired amount. Press “I understand” and “Continue” to move on.

Now enter how much you wish to trade and hit the watery blue icon beside the clock. Confirm your amount and tap the “swap button.” This will take you to a website detailing the pricing structure. If you find the charges acceptable, press “send” to end the transaction successfully.

Step 5: Swap BNB for Binance

Once you have swapped safemoon for BNB, it’s time to switch BNB for Binance. On the main page, you can view your BNB smart chain. Tap the “smart chain” button and click “more” to convert your BNB to Binance. Choose “swap to Binance chain” once you’re there.

Choose “100%” by tapping around the “you pay” area. All that’s left to do is press “Send.”

You can now view your BNB balance on the application home screen and easily trade your BNB. Keep scrolling to learn the last of what you must know about how to sell safemoon on trust wallet.

Step 6: Send BNB to Binance

To achieve this, press “send” and don’t quit this page. Go to your Binance account wallet, initiate a withdrawal request, and select “deposit.”

Select BNB as the payment method and return to your trust wallet to use the address and memo number you were provided. Enter the memo number and address in their respective fields by reading the label information. Choose “Max” and click on “next.” Finally, select send on the pop-up screen.

Step 7:  Exchange BNB for USD to Withdraw

Go to the “buy crypto” tab and tap on “sell.” Choose BNB and USD for US dollars. Select “Sell BNB” after tapping on Max. Now you can withdraw funds by initiating a withdrawal request. You can use the “fiat and spot” feature for this functionality.

And this is the last step you need to know to learn how to sell safemoon on trust wallet.


How do I cash out my Safemoon from my trust wallet?

The above-discussed steps illustrate the entire process of withdrawing your Safemoon funds from the trust wallet app.

Can you sell Safemoon without BNB?

Yes, but a Binance account is necessary to do this.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from the trust wallet?

It can take anywhere from 4 to 5 working days or longer, based on the exchange you used.

The Bottom Line

Trust Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet to store various digital assets. Its comprehensive support for crypto and blockchain systems has increased prominence in the crypto landscape.

It allows you to control your assets fully, making it a high-tier crypto wallet. However, there is a catch: Safemoon can’t be traded directly in a trusted wallet! Follow these seven steps and learn how to sell safemoon on trust wallet.


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