Five Easy-to-Follow Tips on How to Get Into Tech Industry

how to get into tech industry

In the past, medicine and engineering were the most talked about professions. However, with time things have significantly changed such that medicine and engineering are no longer the only career choices.

Tech has become the town’s talk for the right reasons. Today, the tech industry is the fastest-growing and most lucrative job market.

Wondering how to get into tech industry? From personal development opportunities to job prospects with high salaries, the tech industry has established a name for itself in the competitive market. If one considers pursuing a career in technology, joining the industry has perks.

Industries like finance, security, and even education are in dire need of tech-based workers.

If you still have doubts about why you must consider building a career in the tech field, a few other reasons will convince you. One thing the recent and past events have ensured is that technology is here to stay.

Irrespective of the field, the digital era has emphasized the importance of tech skills. That is because it is becoming impossible for different industries to function without implementing innovative strategies.

The tech industry is appealing because there is no restriction on where you can or can’t work. Moreover, if you have the skills and certifications, you can be at the same level as other professionals in the field.

So, if you are thinking about how to get into tech industry, check out the guide below.      

Steps on how to get into tech industry

1. Develop Technical Skills

First and foremost, develop the technical skills that help you excel in the field. A few in-demand skills every individual must acquire are programming, analytics, system and networks, and security. As a learner, enroll in sessions, work under the supervision of industry professionals, read the latest publications, or surf tech-related websites.

Working with professionals within the industry not only helps hone skills but also offers insight into the skills that are essential and lead to better prospects. If you are wondering how to get into tech industry, it’s time to discuss what a few mentioned tech skills teach you.

For instance, programming teaches you software development, web application, and websites. You must learn Python, JavaScript, and PowerShell are among the most common programming languages.    

Security is the foundation of the tech industry. Learning to install firewalls, routers, and data encryption and understanding the compliance regulation help you qualify for positions like information security analyst.

2. Socialize

The next step in the ‘how to get into tech industry’ guide is learning to socialize. When you connect with others with similar interests in the tech field, you are on your way to building a solid professional network.

Attending local and international conferences, interacting with professionals, and contributing to online tech forums are practical ways to expand your network. These factors play a critical role in securing a well-paid job. Besides that, maintaining a solid professional inner circle proves valuable throughout one’s career.

For instance, when you are planning on how to get into tech industry, you must make efforts how to collaborate on high-end projects, receive support as you make your way to the top, and work on innovative ideas, delivering fruitful outcomes in the future.

Besides the typical method, you can work on your networking profile by leveraging social media such as LinkedIn and volunteering your time.

Networking in the tech industry is essential to gain access to various job opportunities, stay up-to-date with current trends and maintain professional relationships.

3. Earn Certifications

Though having a degree is a bonus in the tech industry, it is unnecessary. However, that doesn’t mean you will likely get a job quickly. That said, earning certifications relatively makes things easy.

Many colleges offer vocational programs and certifications, allowing them to become adept in various tech skills. A few of these skills are data security, project management, and engineering. Besides reinforcing your skills, certifications help cover new technical areas.

When thinking about how to get into tech industry, you should also consider earning certifications, as it is also a great tool to expand your network. It is important because networking is one of the most critical factors in building a successful career.

Today, despite their experience and qualification, candidates must have a competitive edge over their peers if they want to thrive in the increasingly competitive market.

Certifications are what help candidates have that edge. Earning a certification is the most effective way to inform employers of your potential in a particular niche. A certificate on your resume speaks of your dedication and makes you a valuable asset to the organization.

4. Build a strong portfolio

Besides expanding your network and learning technical skills, building a strong portfolio is a great way to stand out from the rest in the tech field. When planning how to get into tech industry, a portfolio reflects your personality. Personal branding is a very practical step in securing entry-level jobs.

If you lack sufficient experience, including pretend projects, which are concepts depicting your capabilities, it helps secure a job. A portfolio must be easy to read and navigate, showcasing your abilities and experience.

Begin by creating your portfolio from scratch. As a beginner, you shouldn’t skip this critical step in the ‘how to get into tech industry’ guide because a portfolio is a crucial element of the job hunt. To make your portfolio more interactive, use JavaScript.

After creating your portfolio, purchase a domain name. Furthermore, include social media links like Twitter and LinkedIn to interact with other professionals in the field.  

5. Gain Experience

Despite numerous qualifications, socializing, or technical skills, you won’t go from zero to getting hired without experience. Experience matters because it offers insight into the industry and teaches you to use your skills. So, working on a few freelance projects is the best way to test your skills and simultaneously gain experience.

What makes freelance projects hassle-free is that you don’t have to approach specific corporations or call a bunch of businesses to grab projects. It is as simple as building a website for your friend who needs a platform to showcase her jewelry.

Another way of gaining experience is by doing coursework. Coding, design, and other technical skills taught are tested through projects that count as experience. It’s up to you to frame them as experiences in your resume.


Besides shaping our tomorrow, today, the tech industry has become one of the most promising industries. From flexibility to a diverse workforce, the tech industry offers numerous advantages to those considering becoming a part of it.

Unlike other professions that demand formal education, when thinking about how to get into tech industry, remember that it has numerous career growth opportunities that don’t require earning a degree. There is no restriction on learning from tech skills to certifications; all you need is the interest and the willingness to expand your knowledge.


What is the best way how to get into tech industry?

Technical skills, gaining experience, a strong portfolio, and socializing are some of the best ways how to get into tech industry.

Is socializing challenging during current times?

Not at all; all you need to do is expand your professional network and start making connections.

Do I need a degree if I am planning how to get into tech industry?

Ans. Yes. Some certifications are needed for recruiters to call you in for an interview and gauge your skills.


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