Eleven Tips on How to Delete a Coinbase Account

how to delete a coinbase account

How to Delete a Coinbase Account

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been booming recently as more Americans invest in this novel concept of virtual money. Statistics from March have indicated that one-fifth of American adults traded, bought, or invested in cryptocurrency in some manner.

You can send/receive money via platforms such as Coinbase or Binance. However, some people often feel like they don’t want to have a Coinbase account anymore operational. So, this explains the account deletion process in detail.

Remember that users have every right to demand platforms close their accounts. That’s why websites allow consumers to have their accounts removed and their information deleted at their will. A Coinbase user should know that deleting an account isn’t so hard!

You can learn how to delete your Coinbase account in 2023 in a few simple steps, which are as under.

Why do Users Delete Coinbase Accounts?

A 2012 survey shows that a whopping 98% of the American population didn’t trust the internet. You might say these numbers are a decade old! In 2019, Pew Research published that many people were worried about how brands tracked their online activities.

Similarly, a recent report shows that more than 80% of consumers are more concerned about their internet privacy than last year. In simple terms, internet privacy concerns may cause some users to eradicate their online accounts.

But why would someone delete a coinbase account? Many people today are searching for ways how to delete Coinbase account forever because of other internet privacy concerns. One of the many reasons is not wanting to use coinbase accounts anymore.

Some crypto traders find other platforms better suited to their investment objectives. Others can lose faith in crypto altogether after the May crash. No matter your reasoning, you can learn how to get rid of your coinbase account without much hassle.

How to Delete a Coinbase Account in 2023?

Deleting your Coinbase account is permanent. So, ask yourself if that’s what you want. There are just a few steps involved in this procedure. You can find the correct info easily in the Coinbase Help Section under the article “Close your coinbase Pro Account.”

But first, you should read the following tips about deleting your Coinbase account.

  1. A coinbase account cannot be deleted from your mobile phone.
  2. Your coinbase account should have zero balance before it is erased from records.
  3. Closing your coinbase Pro account will automatically delete your coinbase.com account.
  4. Deleting personal information won’t do the job if you wish to erase personal information because the account retains your data for five years even if it has been deleted.
  5. A better way to ensure your data is removed is to send them a letter (via email) about any queries related to your account.
  6. What to do if the balance is too small to be sold, traded, or withdrawn? Well, you can forfeit these funds. It’s also possible to donate crypto funds to nonprofit organizations. You can send this balance to another Coinbase user ($2 is the minimum sending fund).

Now, let’s get back to how to delete coinbase account for good. Here are a few simple steps to do:

  • Open a browser on your computer (don’t rely on the app).
  • Withdraw the funds you’ve been keeping in your account.
  • Sign into your coinbase account if you still remember your password.
  • Go to your account profile -> user settings -> activity tab -> close option (at the end).
  • Enter your password to confirm you wish to delete the thing, and it’ll be killed instantly!
  • Should We Even Delete Coinbase Account?

Now, you know how to delete coinbase account properly. You should realize that deleting a coinbase account is like deleting your Reddit profile, i.e., it’s heartbreakingly permanent. As per policy, you cannot retrieve a deleted account and have to create another one.

That’s why it’s better not to delete an account permanently. Coinbase has other advantages that make this platform a favorite among over two-thirds of America’s cryptocurrency owners. Moreover, here are some good reasons – from the same hyperlink in the blue words above – to keep your Coinbase account alive:

  • It’s secure
  • It’s user-friendly
  • Its app is awesome
  • Yeah, it’s better than Binance!
  • It even has Elon Musk’s favorite, i.e., Dogecoin


Can I recover a deleted Coinbase account?

No, the website has clarified that deleting your coinbase account is permanent.

Are inactive coinbase accounts deleted automatically?

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency exchanges don’t believe in inactive accounts normally. As long as you can remember the password, your inactivity doesn’t matter.

How to delete coinbase account with just my smartphone?

The Coinbase website states that you can’t delete your account from the smartphone application. Only a website browser allows you to remove your account.

Is deleting my Coinbase account better than not deleting it?

Yes, keep your account inactive because deleting the account is permanent.

Can I delete my Coinbase account and make another one with the same email?

Since Coinbase stores your personal information for five years after deleting your account, it’s better to use another email.


In conclusion, you have learned that Coinbase remains a popular cryptocurrency exchange today. Many people trade digital currency via this platform, but sometimes, users wish to delete their accounts since they don’t want to trade anymore.

Now that you know how to delete coinbase account, you will understand why it’s better to keep it inactive rather than delete it.


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