How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services? Let’s find out

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services?

One fine day, an angry customer enters the outlet of a famous food chain and places a flat tire on the counter. The customer claimed that he bought that tire from their store a few days ago and needs a refund due to low quality. The store employees told him that, being a food chain, they don’t sell tires, but the customer refused to believe them and became hyper. The employees called their manager, and he gave the client a refund. Sounds fake, right? Believe it or not, this is a real story that is shared here with a few changes. The store shared the story with its clients as an example of its customer service, and the results were remarkable. This is how essential customer services are.


What is the Significance of Customer Services in any Industry?

The ever-increasing practice of customers leaving and believing online reviews and ratings of each and everything has made jobs related to customer services even more critical. This is why you don’t know how many jobs are available in consumer services these days. One dissatisfied customer may cause the reputation of any business a vast, irreparable loss. These market trends have created several new jobs in consumer services, even though many people are not aware of these opportunities yet.


Who Can Work in the Customer Services Industry?

The industry of customer service is not an easy one to work in. The people working in this industry must deal with customers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, education levels, religious and ethical beliefs, family dynamics, etc. However, one factor remains constant in every industry customer; all want the best consumer services. Therefore, most people are willing to pay a higher price at a place where they are treated well.

Suppose you are good at interacting with people, have strong communication skills, can analyze problems and focus on solutions, and can keep yourself calm in difficult situations. In that case, this industry has a lot of scope for you. Moreover, in most of these jobs, an intermediate or a bachelor’s degree is sufficient, and employers generally provide on-job training.


How many jobs are available in the customer services industry?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2.8 million jobs were available in the field of customer services in the year 2021, which are expected to decrease by 4% in the next decade. The customer services industry has come up with several new positions in addition to the traditional positions of front desk officers, call center agents, after-sale service representatives, agents working at complaint centers, etc. The positions created in the recent past include social media managers, social media customer care associates, multilingual customer support specialists, etc.


Five Lucrative Options in the Customer Service Industry

So, how many jobs are available in consumer services? For anyone who intends to have a beautiful career in the industry, here is the list of five lucrative options in this field:-


  1. Vice President of Customer Services

According to, a person working as a Vice President of Customer Services can earn from $95,000/- to $185,000/- per annum.

However, one should remember that this is one of the highest-level ranks in customer service. Reaching this position requires years of hard work, hands-on experience in the relevant field, and exceptional skills. Just like any other industry, it takes time to encash your expertise in the field of customer services as well.


  1. Flight Attendant

How do you feel about serving customers while traveling worldwide and exploring beautiful places as a regular part of your job? Sounds interesting? If yes, working as a flight attendant may be your ideal job. In this job, you will experience several new cultures, try a variety of cuisines and stay at some of the best hotels in the world.

In addition to all the perks above, you can earn an amount ranging from $40,736/- to 51,680/- per annum while working as a flight attendant.


  1. Bank Tellers

No one can reach the highest rank in any field at the start of their career. Hence, while setting your goal to work as Vice President of Customer Services, you can start your career as a Bank Teller with an estimated salary ranging fromĀ  $37,634/- to 46,209/- per annum.

This is an entry-level job, and the salary package increases based on the candidate’s experience. The bank tellers work with financial institutions like banks, credit unions, etc.


  1. Call Center Representatives

This is the position most people are generally aware of in the field of customer service. All of us might have interacted with call center representatives more than once. Ever wondered how much they earn in a year while listening to our complaints or trying to convince us of a particular product or service? A call center representative’s average salary ranges from $36,114/- to 39,219/- per annum.

The factors affecting the salary range include the company you are working with, your experience in the relevant field, and the feedback of your quality assurance department.


  1. Medical Receptionist

Unlike several other jobs in the customer service industry, this one has comparatively more specific requirements. For example, the person working as a medical receptionist must have an understanding of medical terms, should be able to empathize with patients, and be capable of scheduling and recording appointments in an efficient manner. Further, you may have to work longer shifts depending on the place you are working at.

However, if you can deal with the responsibilities associated with this job, you can earn somewhere between $34,390/- to $ 41,063/- per annum.



Wondering how many jobs are available in consumer services worldwide? With the advancement of technology and after the Covid-19 pandemic, you can now find several remote jobs in customer services wherein you can serve the customers while working from the comfort of your home. However, five of the most lucrative jobs in the field of customer services have been mentioned in this article. This might be the right industry for you if you want to earn big money and have good communication skills along with others highlighted in this article.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job responsibilities in customer service?

The job responsibilities may differ based on the sector you are working with and the position you are working at. However, in broader terms, the job responsibilities in customer services include communicating with customers, addressing their concerns, resolving their issues, responding to their queries, etc.


Can you make good money in customer service?

Yes. There are many lucrative jobs in the field of customer service. A person working in this industry may earn between $34,000/- to $41,000/- per year, even in the initial years of their career.


What is the highest-paid job in customer service?

Like any other industry, the titles and growth opportunities vary from employer to employer in customer services. However, the position of Vice President of Customer Services is considered the highest-paid job in this field as the salary ranges from $95,000/- to $185,000/- per year.


What is the future direction of customer services?

The recent technological advancements are leading to a future of customer services driven by technological innovations. However, such advancements cannot eliminate the involvement of humans shortly.


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