Looking For Farewell Gifts For Coworkers? 10 Amazing Ideas

Farewell Gifts For Coworkers

Do you know why it’s so hard to think of farewell gifts for coworkers? No? Allow us to explain. Your work bestie is there for you from Monday morning blues till the end of the workweek. You spend most of your time with them because they are your partners in many activities and tasks. They can be a teacher and a rival at the same time. And gift-giving becomes increasingly challenging as one’s familiarity with a recipient increases. In particular, if it is a farewell gift.

Because you have more to say to that person than “goodbye,” we’re here to make things easier and help you choose the perfect gift. Below you will find a list of ideas for farewell gifts for coworkers that are some of the best choices.


  1. A Cute Personalized Mug

Mugs are one of the most practical and safest farewell gifts you can buy for coworkers. You can find inexpensive personalized mugs from several online pages, under $50, and something your colleague will use daily. You can get them engraved with a personalized message too. Make it funny or sweet; the choice is yours.


  1. A Fitness/Step Tracker

Is your colleague a gym freak? Or do they enjoy morning walks to refresh their mind and burn calories? If that’s the case, you are in luck. A valuable farewell gift for them would be a sleek fitness tracker.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to go overboard and buy them an Apple watch; there are several cheaper options. If your coworker wants to improve their fitness habits, they would appreciate this gift.


  1. A Desk Calendar

We all have that one colleague that is a neat freak. Their workstation is organized so well, from aligned stationery to color-coordinated filing, that it’s pretty impressive. What’s better than giving them something like a page-a-day calendar?

Calendars might not sound like an excellent idea for farewell gifts for coworkers since they can be dull and readily available. So, what’s the catch? You can get page-a-day calendars filled with positive mantras, encouraging quotes, and to-list portions.


  1. Movie/Theatre Tickets

One of the best farewell gifts for a coworker can be movie tickets for their favorite movie or a movie on their wish list. If they are colossal movie or performing arts buffs, buy them tickets and watch their face light up with a smile.


  1. Polaroid Camera

If your coworker loves to travel or is a photography enthusiast, get them a polaroid camera. Taking photos during their travels and having physical copies of memorable moments hits differently. It’s an ideal travel partner and the best gift for them.


  1. Wine Subscription

If your colleague is an oenophile, it’s about time you get them a wine subscription. The wine subscription allows them to explore their passion for everything wine, from tastings to aging potentials and flavor profiles.

Wine subscriptions are also a formidable idea for farewell gifts for coworkers as they can be renewed or canceled effectively. So, don’t hesitate to find the best subscription for your work best friend.


  1. Books

Books are a great way to show gratitude towards each other. It also informs the receiver that you are an active listener and have heard them.

Mostly, bookworms feel like they are not seen or that people don’t care about their passion for reading; therefore, giving such a gift reassures them that they are valued, and you are attentive.

It’s a very straightforward farewell gift. Head to your local bookshop or pre-order a series your coworker has on their wish list and surprise them.


  1. Video Games and Accessories

Does your coworker like to unwind after a long day at work by putting on a gaming session? Now is your time to add to their gaming experience and buy them either the new release of their favorite game.

Another excellent idea for farewell gifts for coworkers can be gaming accessories such as noise-canceling headphones or mics used to play on platforms such as twitch.

The great thing about these accessories is that you have a vast range to choose from. Therefore, even if you are on a budget, you will get something that makes you and your colleague equally happy.


  1. Amazon Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are the easiest gifts. Gift vouchers allow people to buy whatever they want; there is no hassle of exchange or return. If you are indecisive about what to get your work best friend, don’t worry– you can get them an amazon gift voucher that they can treat themselves.


  1. Pet Toys

Most people are pet owners, which makes pet toys the most sensible farewell gift. Since people are emotionally invested in their pets, any gift for their pet would be automatically considered thoughtful.

Pets are family, and caring for family is the best way to show your appreciation and love. Whether it is a cat, dog, or parrot– you can get a toy of any range from your local pet store.

For the human who’s got an adorable little pet, why not buy their child a gift instead of them?


FAQs for Farewell Gifts for Coworkers


Q1. Should you have a budget?

While most items mentioned above are under $100, some, such as gaming accessories, can exceed the limit. Regardless of the pricing, you need to decide on a budget before you choose what gift you gravitate towards.


Q2. How to make the colleague feel loved and respected?

Get the whole team involved. The coworker isn’t just leaving you; they are leaving the company. Therefore, get the team together to say a few kind words. You can host a light farewell lunch, so everyone is together and present.


Q3. Why should you give a gift to your coworker?

It shows your appreciation and love for your coworker. Also, it can show recognition by the teammates for a colleague who is either leaving or retiring.


Q4. Should I host a dinner for them as a gift?

That is ultimately your choice. If you want to go out of your way and pay for their dinner, then do so. However, it is not mandatory.


Q5. Do these items mentioned above make going away gifts?

Yes, all of these are ideas for farewell gifts for coworkers. However, they also make good retirement, Christmas, and holiday gifts. Each of these gifts is unique.


Final thoughts

In conclusion, gifts are a great way of showing compassion and gratitude towards someone who offered service to the company and was by your side through thick and thin. Calendars, books, wine subscriptions, pet toys, mugs, etc., are a gesture of love and appreciation that allows the person leaving to value the team, people, and the company. Gifts are an expression of love, and whether they are big or small does not matter– it is merely the thought that counts.


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