8 Fun Employee Breakroom Ideas to Amp Up the Space

employee breakroom ideas

An employee breakroom is a separate office space where employees can relax after a long shift and recharge their energy levels. Employee breakroom also provides a perfect opportunity for staff to foster team connection and informally interact with each other.

Extensive research in human resource and organizational behavior shows that employee satisfaction boosts productivity by 31%. Creating exciting opportunities for employees is directly associated with employee satisfaction.

If your firm believes in employee well-being and you’re looking for some excellent employee breakroom ideas to revitalize the workspace, you’re at the right place! Scroll down to explore some fantastic employee breakroom ideas.  

Employee Breakroom Ideas on a Budget

Looking for some excellent employee breakroom ideas without breaking the bank? Check out these options:

1. Coffee and Refreshment Corner

One of the most cost-effective employee breakroom ideas is to create a coffee corner with refreshments and snacks. A coffee corner is like a gas station where your employee can fuel up on caffeine to keep them going throughout the day. Upgrade the coffee machines to add a variety of coffees and let your employees sip what they love most.

Create a small snack bar with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and whole-grain options. Don’t forget to keep them complimentary!

2. A Bookshelf to Promote Learning

Don’t have enough space to set up a library? Try placing a small bookshelf instead! Incorporating a literature nook is one of the best employee breakroom ideas to help employees take a break from the workplace hustle and recharge for the day ahead. Add books related to literature, fashion buzz, tech periodicals, witty humor, national and international affairs, newspapers, comics, and informative material. Include a variety of themes, genres, and styles to cater to the diverse preferences of your entire workforce.

3. DIY Decorations

A breakroom is an ideal place for brainstorming ideas. Decorating it with vibrant colors, motivational quotes, and creative artwork and ornaments is all you need to create a perfect environment that stands out from the rest of your office space. So channel your inner artist and change the space where your employees want to spend time.

Employee Breakroom Ideas for Relaxation

Many offices require employees to work long hours before the computer screen. To enhance focus during work, you should create spaces where they can relax every couple of hours. Scroll down for some excellent employee breakroom ideas to provide space for some relaxation time:

4. Comfy Furniture

There are no better employee breakroom ideas when discussing comfort and relaxation than adding comfy furniture. It allows employees to take a break from their demanding routine and enjoy the comfort of furnishings to get homey vibes. Provide enough seating arrangements to allow teams to sit together and spend time interacting casually or brainstorming.

5. Reserve Quiet Rooms and Nap Areas

Not everyone wishes to mingle during their breaks. Employees with a rigid routine and long working hours need quiet time in peaceful areas away from the office buzz.

To help such employees, consider introducing quiet rooms or enclosed capsules in the employee breakroom. Employees can take a power nap, rest for a short time, or simply spend some quiet time to recharge their energy. Quiet rooms also foster environments to assist employees in managing stress and well-being. Use reclining sofas and soundproof walls to maximize comfort and curtail noise levels.

Employee Breakroom Ideas to Enhance Interaction

Have a bunch of introverts at your workplace? Here are some fantastic employee breakroom ideas to enhance communication and improve team collaboration:

6. Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Lunch and coffee breaks provide the best opportunity for employees to interact with each other and indulge in social interaction. With a little effort, your kitchen can become a vibrant hub of social interaction. Your team will be able to interact in these unexpected meetings. Such an interaction can increase team cohesion and nurture a positive organizational culture. So it’s time to stock up on kitchen supplies and offer a variety of eatables to show you care for your employees.

7. Create a Board Game Corner

Board games are one of the best employee breakroom ideas to boost creativity and team-building skills in your staff. Board games are also one of the most effective tools for reducing stress and fostering communication skills. Most people either know or can easily learn the rules of the games. Create a small game corner inside the breakroom and supply a variety of board games. Try including games that don’t necessarily require a large group.

8. Arrange Multimedia to Stream International Sports Events

It is critical to give your employees a break from their busy routine once in a while and provide different forms of amusement. You can arrange live streaming on multimedia in the breakroom during international sports events like the football world cup, league matches, or tournaments. It will help your staff to zone out, re-center their brains, and temporarily divert their attention away from their overwhelming burden.

Final Thoughts

Organizational culture is continuously evolving, and companies now focus on creating breakrooms where employees can relax and invigorate. This is especially important for jobs where people sit in front of screens all day. However, it’s crucial to reserve a separate nook or create a relaxation space away from the main working space so they can relax and veg out easily. We hope these employee breakroom ideas will help you build a creative space for your employees.


How do I organize a small breakroom?

Plan your breakroom first by picking the best-suited employee breakroom ideas from above, and check your inventory to see what you can add to the space.

What are the most popular breakroom supplies?

As mentioned in the employee breakroom ideas, coffee machines, board games, furniture, snacks, and drinks are the most popular supplies.


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