How Much Does it Cost to Open a Laundromat in 2023

cost to open a Laundromat

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Laundromat:

A laundromat is an automated service where people use self-service to do their laundry. There is generally no staff member present to assist or oversee and customers come and go at their will. You can turn on washers and dryers by putting money/coins into the designed slot.

Many business options require an initial investment to generate a stable financial income. However, one of the best options is opening a laundromat! At the end of each week or month, the owner visits the outlet and takes the money deposited in the machines.

This makes opening a laundromat the perfect business option. If you want to find out how much it will cost to open a laundromat in 2023, this article is for you!

How much does it cost to open a Laundromat?

The average cost to open a laundromat in America can vary from USD 200,000  to USD 500,000, depending on various factors. These include:

The size of the laundromat

You decide how large or small your laundromat will be depending on your budget and market availability. The property price will go up or down based on the size, and so will the cost to open a laundromat.

Property value in your state

Every state has its property market. What can get you a townhouse in Texas may only be enough for a studio apartment in New York. So keep your local real estate prices in mind while determining the cost to open a laundromat.

Setting up the laundromat or buying an existing laundromat

A significant factor to consider while calculating the cost to open a laundromat is whether you want to set up a laundromat from scratch or buy an existing one. Depending on what you choose, your costs will vary significantly.

The quantity and quality of equipment

A large variety of laundry machines are available in the market suited for a laundromat. If you’re setting up your own from scratch, research the different features, such as time, efficiency, and energy consumption, and then decide which machines are worth the price.

Any overhead costs, such as security

You might get an additional service such as installing security cameras, a night guard, or maybe even a store assistant to oversee customers. All those will account for your final cost to open a laundromat.

All of these factors together determine the actual cost to open a laundromat.

How much does it cost to open a Laundromat and run it?

Once your laundromat is up and running, it’s time to think about how much money you will make. A laundromat can earn anywhere between USD 15,000 to USD 300,000 in profits in a year! To ensure your profits are maximized, it is vital to ensure you don’t incur unnecessary operational costs. While making your operational budget, make sure to consider the following:

Laundromat Timings

The first thing you must consider is what would be the timings of your laundromat. Although most laundromats operate 24/7 to cater to all potential customers, additional costs accompany a 24-hour business, such as electricity. An excellent way to decide timings is to try the 24/7 model for a few weeks, and based on the number of customers you get at different times of the day, decide what hours you want to close the laundromat if any.

Soap, Bleach, and other Laundry Items

Most laundromats offer laundry detergents and other items such as bleach and starch. If you’re keeping these items in your laundromat, you must decide which brand you want to purchase. A good rule of thumb is to avoid the name brand and then pick a brand that works well in the market. You must ensure not to buy overly expensive items while maintaining quality.

Accessories and Amenities

Most people who visit a laundromat have a few hours to kill while they wait for their clothes to wash and dry. The ideal situation is if they wait at the laundromat itself. Therefore, most laundromats nowadays keep space for a comfortable waiting area and offer amenities such as vending machines or arcade games.

This makes the process easier for the customers, thereby bringing in more business, but also allows you as a business owner to make more money as all such amenities are pay-to-use, much like the laundromat machines.


Is opening a Laundromat a good business? 

After taking out the operational costs, a laundromat can earn profits of up to USD 300,000 a year, which is much higher than the average wage. A laundromat is a fantastic business if you maintain quality.

Do I need to register my laundromat?

Yes, if you want it to be a legal business and avoid any legal or regulatory issues later on. Register your laundromat as a legal entity by paying the due fees. Your lawyer can give you more details regarding the process.

Is buying an existing Laundromat better than starting my own? 

Where buying an existing laundromat saves initial set-up costs, building one from scratch ensures you don’t have any extra repair or maintenance costs sneaking up. However, if you buy an existing Laundromat, ensure you have the property and the machines adequately inspected.

Do I need any training to start a Laundromat? 

No specific training or knowledge is needed to start a Laundromat. You’re all set as long as you have a basic business sense and are willing to bear the cost to open a laundromat.


In the current economy, there is no job security. Hence, starting a business is a smart move. A laundromat is not only a lucrative option but also an easy and stable source of income which justifies the cost to open a laundromat.

So in 2023, take the next step to success and open your laundromat!


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