Can You Get Rehired After Termination? Let’s Find Out

Can You Get Rehired After Termination

Despite your belief that “It will never happen to me,” people lose their jobs daily. Besides being fired for bad behavior or subpar performance, people can be let go for reasons beyond their control, such as a new owner or CEO.

So can you get rehired after termination? Well, it’s not uncommon for people to reapply for jobs from which they’ve previously been terminated. The cause for your termination significantly impacts whether you’ll be considered for your prior employment. Most of the time, if you hadn’t done anything wrong or violated trust, an employer would think about hiring you again.

Can You Get Rehired After Termination?

Rehiring a fired employee can be difficult for all parties, but it does happen. The possibility of being rehired after termination from a job might rely on variables like the cause of your termination, the company’s policy, and the presence of open positions. You must keep a professional and tactful approach when reapplying, backed by solid support from letters of recommendation and work assessments to demonstrate your progress.

Understand The Reason Behind Your Termination

There are various reasons you could be fired from a job, and each presents a unique set of challenges that brings us to answer whether can you get rehired after termination. Taking into account the reasons you lost your former work, think about the following:

You Quit

If you left on amicable terms, this is frequently the most straightforward approach to getting a job back because your former company might be amenable to hiring you again. However, if you left on bad terms, such as by not giving proper notice or criticizing your position or coworkers, can you get rehired after termination? You might need to demonstrate that you can successfully reintegrate into the organization.

You were laid off

You have a good chance of getting your job back if temporary financial constraints prompt the company to eliminate or downsize some positions that are now being reinstated. You can present yourself as the ideal candidate who won’t need training as you are already familiar with the role, provided that your performance in the position before layoffs was strong.

You were dismissed for poor conduct

You must demonstrate to your former employer that the reasons leading to the firing are no longer indicative of your current performance if the cause for your termination was your conduct rather than your work performance.

What to Do to Increase Your Chances of Getting Rehired?

Make Observable Improvements

The complications surrounding the question of “can you get rehired after termination?” depends on resolving the issues that led to your dismissal. So, prepare well for your interview if you get a chance again.

The best way to demonstrate that you have made the necessary adjustments to reclaim your job is to provide specific examples that you can point to. For instance, if you were fired because of a fight at work, you could point to the anger management classes you took.

So can you get rehired after termination if you make observable improvements? Maybe so. But, even if rectifying these shortcomings doesn’t lead to you getting your former work back, this professional development will still be beneficial and aid you in future jobs.

Evaluate the Rehiring Policy

It is vital to comprehend any existing corporate policy to determine the process and answer the question, “can you get rehired after termination?” The best way is to speak with the HR department of your former workplace.

It’s possible that your previous employer forbids rehiring former employees or has specified requirements you must complete. Nevertheless, you may ensure that your application to return to your last company complies with the company’s rehiring guidelines by being aware of the policy.

Reach Out to Learn About Rehiring

After checking the policy for the company and preparing the skills and lifestyle changes required to prove you deserve a second chance, you are ready to reach out and apply for your position.

And can you get rehired after termination if your previous job is not listed? Your best option is to contact the company directly to find out if they would be willing to hire you for the position if it is not currently listed. Maintain a professional demeanor during the initial conversation and let the other person know that you are now prepared to demonstrate that you have matured and are a better fit for the position.


What if the company offers you a position with fewer income and benefits?

You can be adaptable and take the company up on its offer if you truly want to work with them. Since you’ve already held a more senior post, you’ll be able to advance faster with your experience.

What are some tips to follow after a successful rehire?

Be consciously ready for the possibility that your welcome might not be warm and filled with challenging occurrences. So keep your composure and be courteous while maintaining a professional tone in every interaction.

What should you do if you think your termination was unlawful?

If you believe you are entitled to rehiring and that your termination was not justifiable, you might want to hire a wrongful termination lawyer after extensively reviewing your state’s public policies.


Ultimately, to answer the question, “can you get rehired after termination?” It varies from case to case. It’s best to avoid downplaying the factors that led to your previous termination to improve your chances of rehiring. Instead, take it in stride and accept responsibility for your actions and errors. You’ll need to demonstrate, among other things, that the corporation made the worst choice possible by firing you. But if you approach this with thorough planning and preparation, you’ll succeed in your job and career.


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