The Top Six Best-Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

best-paying jobs in consumer durables

The term “consumer durables” refers to products that last relatively longer. Typically, the lifespan of such items is three years from the time of purchase before upgrading or replacement becomes necessary. For example, television, air conditioner, washing machines, and dryers fall into the consumer durables category. So, are long-lasting household items something you are really into? If that is the case, you should read about the following best-paying jobs in consumer durables sector:

  1. Best paying jobs in consumer durables: Product Manager

Product managers typically collaborate with multidisciplinary departments when working for a large company. For example, developers and designers create designs, test prototypes, and identify faults, and analysts and researchers gather information. However, despite a lot of assistance from the team, these product managers spend more time getting stakeholders to support a particular vision. In contrast, product managers at smaller businesses spend more time on the groundwork that comes with establishing and fulfilling the company’s goal.

In general, though, an intelligent product manager performs several tasks, such as:

  • Recognizing and communicating what users want
  • Establishing a target audience for a product
  • Setting the features and capabilities of the product as the top priority
  • Ensuring consensus among key players on the product’s direction

Although product managers might have a wide range of academic backgrounds, they must hold a bachelor’s degree in business or a related discipline. During the academic years, you will likely cover a range of subjects, including public relations, communication, marketing, statistics, etc. In the United States, product managers make an average of $111,868 annually, making it one of the best-paying jobs in consumer durables.

  1. Best paying jobs in consumer durables: Strategy Consultant

Issues between managers and workers are the source of many organizational problems, including low retention rates, frequent absences, etc. Unfortunately, there is usually a failure to communicate such concerns to the appropriate officials. As a result, the company’s upper management is usually at a crossroads, wondering how things got so bad and feeling helpless to turn things around. That is where strategy consultants come into play. It is one of the best-paying jobs in consumer durables.

When taking on a new project, a strategy consultant’s first order of business is to conduct a comprehensive review of the client’s business objectives. This evaluation will help them determine whether a company’s existing strategies align with its ultimate goals. After completing the research, they will offer policy recommendations that the organization can implement to achieve better results. In addition, strategy consultants provide insights into market research and the competitive landscape, empowering the client to make educated decisions that boost the company’s growth.

Entry-level strategy consulting positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in economics, commerce, or another related field. Though consulting businesses employ candidates from a wide array of majors, the qualities most valued by these companies are intellectual aptitude, motivation, people skills, and leadership. PayScale reports that the median annual compensation for a strategy consultant is $93,000. However, depending on experience and qualifications, the figure could go up to $165,000. Hence, it is undoubtedly one of the best-paying jobs in consumer durables.

  1. Best paying jobs in consumer durables: Quality Control Manager

A quality control manager plays a crucial part in a manufacturing company. Inspecting products and keeping an eye on the productivity of production and manufacturing processes are two of the primary duties of a quality control manager.

To qualify for this role, you should earn a bachelor’s degree in quality assurance, business, statistics, or engineering. Since quality control managers analyze highly technical issues and develop practical solutions, they must be on top of their problem-solving skills. In addition, maintaining high-quality standards requires collaboration with management and production line workers, necessitating solid communication skills to perform this role effectively. In the United States, quality control managers can expect to earn a median annual income of $80,329. This, along with additional benefits, makes this position eligible for our list of best-paying jobs in consumer durables.

  1. Best paying jobs in consumer durables: Product Marketer

Product marketers wear several hats. They are tasked with learning the market’s ins and outs, mastering the target demographic’s vocabulary, and employing data to make your product vision come true. They have a knack for collecting information from various sources and analyzing it to map out a coherent plan of action. Product marketers may move back and forth between working independently and delegating tasks to their project teams.

Product marketers may not need to learn to code, but they must understand the primary tools used in e-commerce. They must be familiar with everything from email marketing platforms to PIM systems.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing is often included as a desired qualification as it is one of the best-paying jobs in consumer durables. The median annual compensation for a product Marketer in the United States is $139,883.

  1. Best paying jobs in consumer durables: Electronics Engineer

These professionals design, maintain, test, and modify various electronic systems, equipment, components, and software. Electronics engineers confer with customers about proposals, coordinate with engineers and other specialists in the team, and ensure the successful completion of projects. In addition, they perform theoretical design evaluations and quality control checks to verify that products adhere to safety standards.

They undergo an accredited undergraduate program in electronic engineering. Electronic engineers are usually most sought-after in production, research & development, and product design departments. For this role, you need to think outside the box and be able to articulate abstract thoughts clearly. Therefore, electronic engineers who can think strategically and have a commercial understanding of their field are in high demand. Early in their careers, they can expect to make around $73,000 annually. However, seasoned electronics engineers could draw up to $134,000 annually.

  1. Sales Manager

This is another one of the best-paying jobs in consumer durables. A sales manager’s primary duty is to steer their sales team toward more efficient processes and improved outcomes. Whether establishing pricing points, refining product descriptions, defining targets, or evaluating sales data, sales managers influence practically every aspect of the sale. Therefore, the career of a sales manager is an excellent choice for someone charismatic, organized, and comfortable working in a retail setting.

Businesses generally look for sales managers with a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration. Between 2019 and 2029, sales manager jobs are projected to grow by 4%. Income for sales managers in the United States ranges from an average low of $89,720 to an average high of $185,200, with the median compensation sitting at $132,290.

  • FAQs

Q: Is it possible to work remotely and still get one of the best-paying jobs in consumer durables?

Most likely, no. The nature of the work necessitates that workers report to a physical location.

Q: When working in consumer durables, how long does a typical day last for employees?

Based on the department and responsibilities, the working hours could be between 7-10 hours.

Q: What factors determine the durability of products?

Hours of use, quality, and operating cycles are a few of the commonly used durability measurements.


Consumer durables have become an essential part of our life. From performing several day-to-day tasks to getting entertained, we heavily rely on them. That is precisely why this industry is booming like anything. So if you are looking for a rewarding career in this sector, opting for one of the above-listed best-paying jobs in consumer durables is hands down your best bet.


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