7 Convincing Excuses to Get Out of Work While Pregnant

Excuses to Get Out of Work While Pregnant

Many women choose to work while pregnant because they believe they can juggle employment and motherhood simultaneously. Also, single mothers-to-be might need to work to earn a living for themselves and their children. Reformist regulations such as the Family and Medical Leave Act have removed different obstacles preventing would-be mothers from keeping their jobs. Now, pregnancy discrimination remains discouraged in various global economies. However, pregnancy isn’t without its complications and often requires people to ask for a leave. So, what are some legit excuses to get out of work while pregnant?

FMLA compels employers to give female workers a pregnancy disability leave (PDL). This unpaid but job-protected leave allows you to take four months off work while pregnant or an incredible 88 work days. It’s normal for pregnant employees to suffer from anxiety and fatigue because of the responsibility of carrying a child. So, pregnant workers may need to get out of work due to several valid reasons. In this article, you shall learn some honest excuses to ask for time off during pregnancy.

Do you need excuses to get out of work while pregnant?

Usually, male employers don’t understand the complications associated with pregnancy. They fail to realize that carrying a child isn’t exactly a walk in the park. On the other hand, pregnant employees shouldn’t feel guilty about skipping work to focus on their pregnancy. So, you can get out of work because:

  1. Pregnancy requires people to rest more.
  2. Violating PLD regulations may lead to future compensation claims.
  3. These excuses to skip work while pregnant may prevent many complications.

What are legit excuses to get out of work while pregnant?

Back pain:- Statistics indicate that some 56% of pregnant workers call in sick in the first weeks of pregnancy, and back pain remains the most common reason. It’s normal for pregnant women to have cramps and aching bones after sitting/standing for several hours.

Feeling nauseous:- It is a normal side effect of pregnancy and one of the most common excuses to get out of work while pregnant. Changing hormones can make pregnant women more sensitive to different smells and tastes. So, get out of work to avoid getting sick in front of your colleagues.

Sleep deprivation:- Another one of the most crucial excuses to get out of work while pregnant is to overcome your insomnia and rest your tired body. You need to sleep for 8 to 10 hours during pregnancy to avoid exhaustion. If you’re sleep-deprived, it’s okay to get out of work.

Medical appointments:- You can get home early or call in sick by saying that you must keep an important medical appointment. For instance, you may have a rendezvous with a gynecologist. These medical checkups are necessary to monitor fetal health and ensure you’re doing okay. So, don’t miss out on your upcoming appointment.

Workplace illnesses:- One of the most reasonable excuses to get out of work while pregnant is the prevalence of a contagious illness in your office. Some viral infections don’t just harm moms but may also affect fetal health. So, to prevent your child from developmental issues, you may call in sick and take some time off work.

Premature complications:- If you are experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, it’s a pretty sound excuse to call in sick. These premature contractions are often felt in the second trimester or even in the third trimester. This phenomenon can give you a false sense of going into labor, alarming you suddenly. It’s okay to use this condition as an excuse to go home.

How to communicate excuses to get out of work while pregnant?

Determine if you’re able to go to work that day.

Get a doctor’s note if it’s necessary for getting some time off work.

Convey your message to the HR people by either calling or texting them.

Communicate with your boss as clearly as possible, and don’t feel guilty about not showing up to work.

Choose one or some of the valid excuses to get out of work while pregnant. Tell your boss which responsibilities need to be covered while you’re away.

Even though there’s nothing to be guilty about, consider how your absence may affect others. A simple method is to state when they can expect you back in the office.

Discuss your excuse to get out of work as politely as possible. Encourage your employer to stay in contact with you remotely – for instance, via email, phone, or any other methods.


Do I need a doctor’s note to call in sick?

Usually, employers grant a few days off work without a doctor’s note. But they may need one if you are asking for a lengthier absence.

When is the right time to get out of work?

Different pregnant women can work under different circumstances. However, most women can work right up to the start of labor.

When should I tell my employer I’m pregnant?

There’s no exact answer to this question, as it depends on your convenience. You can choose to inform the company or employer as soon as you get a positive test. But experts believe that the end of your first trimester is the right time.

Is it illegal to fire someone pregnant in the USA?

It’s illegal to fire someone because they’re pregnant. However, employers can still fire pregnant people for other valid reasons.


To summarize the contents of this article, you’ve learned some pretty reasonable excuses to get out of work during pregnancy. It’s perfectly legal to ask for some unpaid time off as a pregnant person, and the employer can’t fire you due to pregnancy. You may need to go home because of nausea, insomnia, back pain, and many other valid reasons. These excuses also include workplace injuries, contagious illnesses, and premature contractions. So, talk to the HR people, and don’t overexert yourself during pregnancy.


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